Wireless Smart Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor with Vital Eye Health BP Tracking App

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FREE SHIPPING - Wireless continuous blood pressure monitor for BP management at home or on-the-go with 'all-in-one' feather light upper arm cuff that automatically syncs data via Bluetooth to our Vital Eye Health BP app for reliable and convient blood pressure tracking.

Put it on and you will forget you have it on. Sleep with it, do your daily activities with it. Our blood pressure monitor with special "Patent Pending" Smart Phone APP "Vital Eye Health BP" is offered at a special price. 

Go to Google Play Store or Apple Store, search for our App per following instructions. Please type Vital Eye Health BP in Google Play Store and type Vital Eye Health BP in Apple Store. Download and enjoy most parts of the App for free, and if you want to do things no other similar Apps offer, such as, hands free auto start, medicine reminder in audio, emailing your measurements to your doctor, notification to your loved ones if something does not look right, then subscribe to activate the premium features of the Application. Enjoy Android version in Google Play Store and iOS version in Apple App Store. We recommend to use an old Android phone or inexpensive Android phone like Tracfone (under $50) (no need for SIM card, just need wifi) to be used as a dedicated phone like a base station. But you can always use your personal cell phone as well.

For those of you who prefer to buy it at our Amazon Store