Infant baby thermometer continuous and rechargeable smart wearable temperature monitor with digital display in Fahrenheit and our Vital Eye Health T App

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Hospital-grade accuracy
24/7 temperature tracking
Wearable device lets you track temperature even during sleep
Comes with upper arm band, wrist band and self adhesive ring (3 pieces) to comfortably wear on the chest
Easily track a fever's progress over time
Water resistant, can be worn while showering
Vital Eye Health T, continuous temperature monitoring App for all ages, infants to seniors
Enjoy most parts of the App free of charge. Such as daily, hourly and by minute temperature charts. Premium features; audio notification of high fever even when your loved ones are sleeping, sends notification of high fever with actual temperature reading when you are at work, lets you to send all temperature data to his doctor, and audio reminds you of medication time.