2pcs Thermometer Ring in Fahrenheit for Women & Men Emotions & Feelings changing colors Body Temperature Ring use as Wedding Ring

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FREE SHIPPING Comes in 2 pieces same size of your choice. Temperature Monitoring Ring, Temperature Monitoring Treatments Ring, Lymphatic Hyperthermia Ring, Male And Female Discoloration Temperature Ring
Temperature monitoring ring - made of high-quality stainless steel, it has a unique function, it will not change color, according to the temperature, display the temperature from 88 to 102 degrees Fahrenheit according to the body temperature change. It is non oxidizing, which is very durable and highly resistant to rust and fading.
Temperature monitoring ring --- the temperature of emotion can change the color of the temperature monitoring ring. The temperature monitoring ring senses your temperature and tests your mood. Different colors represent different emotions. Such a color temperature ring can reflect your emotional and temperature.
FREE SHIPPING Wearing performance - temperature monitoring ring wearing it can not help reduce weight, but also the rate of basic metabolism, increase energy level, effectively promote better sleep, reduce pressure, improve blood circulation, and have normal blood pressure!
Fashionable design temperature monitoring ring design is very good-looking men and women, no one will even doubt the temperature ring ! It can better show your personality and style.
Gift --- the temperature monitoring ring is an ideal gift for your girlfriend, wife, mother and female friends' birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, graduation Christmas, Valentine's day, mother's day, etc. Product Description:
Vigorvi temperature monitoring ring is temperature sensitive. Check your temperature every
-Strengthen the immune system
-Increased body? S energy and vitality
-For men and women
-Can monitor your vital signs
-It can be managed to detect your physical condition
-Promote healthy mood
-Reduce stress and anxiety and weight loss
-Reduced physical pressure, stiffness, discomfort and swelling