Screen 1. Enter Device Serial Number and click Register

Screen 2. Fill in the Register info

Screen 3. Enter email if you are already a registered user

Screen 4. Privacy, Terms and Conditions ACCEPT/DECLINE PAGE 
Please click on ACCEPT BUTTON

Screen 5. Bluetooth Link Acceptance Page - Please click on OK button

 Screen 6. Allow LifeAlert to use your location to send text messages
to your loved ones - Please Choose Allow using App

Screen 7. Baseline alarm levels entry table

 Screen 8. Enter baseline values into alarm levels table

Screen 9. Telephone and Text messages entry table

Screen 10. Enter telephone numbers and
personalized text messages to be sent automatically

Screen 11. Monitoring page on standby
waiting for LifeAlert Device to be turned on

Screen 12. Monitoring page displaying
vital signs from the LifeAlert device

Screen 13. Monitoring page audio and
display alarm showing user needs caregiver attention

 Screen 14. Monitoring page audio and display alarm
showing LifeAlert Device is disconnected