Vital Eye Health automatic health alerts can make the difference in emergencies and assist in getting help to those in need of medical attention (especially in cases of unconsciousness and/or immobilization).

With the Vital Eye Health ‘smart’ medical monitoring and notification system, you can look after loved ones even when you can’t be there in-person or share urgent personal health updates with your caregivers to seek medical assistance.

How does Vital Eye Health work?

  • The Vital Eye Health electronic finger oximeter device continuously monitors a person’s health vitals and measures critical indicators of medical wellbeing: blood oxygen saturation level (SpO2), heart rate, breathing rate and perfusion index (PI).
  • The Vital Eye Health device syncs with the Vital Eye Health mobile app installed on the wearer's Smart Phone and shares health metric updates with the app.
  • The Vital Eye Health app continuously analyzes the data it receives from the device and compares the wearer’s health vitals against the baseline levels. If the wearer’s measurements are critically outside of the baseline levels (below or above depending on which metric), then this will trigger an alert to be automatically sent to the user’s emergency contact list notifying them of the wearer’s condition.
  • If this alert is triggered due to their vital signs below the critical threshold levels, Vital Eye Health will automatically send a text message with the wearer’s exact location (using GPS technology) to up to three (3) contacts/phone numbers assigned by the user during the setup process. This allows the wearer to notify their chosen contact list (family, friends and/or caregivers) of a potential health emergency and seek medical attention.
  • After Vital Eye Health sends the alert, the decision to take action or any next steps from this point onward is up to the discretion of the people on the emergency contact list who received the alert. From here, it is up to those people receiving the alert to decide whether they check-in on the wearer or call 911. They can attempt to contact the wearer to confirm whether the person is okay. Or, if the wearer in non-responsive, the emergency contact can immediately call 911 and provide them with the wearer’s GPS location. (Rapid response from emergency medical personnel can prevent the unthinkable. This immediate 911 call can save a life – and this is PRICELESS).