Continuous Monitoring of your Oxygen Saturation, Heart Rate, Perfusion, and Respiration with our FDA approved Pulse Oximeter in line with our APP Vital Eye Health

Why to choose our FDA approved Pulse Oximeter:
1. Vast majority of Pulse Oximeters that are sold on major online stores such as Amazon, Ebay, etc. are not FDA approved.
2. These inexpensive Pulse Oximeters’ suppliers clearly states on their Amazon store that their product is not a medical product and should be used to track healthy people’s vital signs such as in sports activity.
3. What they mean above is they use 8 bit microprocessor unlike the 32 bit microprocessor FDA approved Pulse Oximeters use such as ours.
4. When the blood oxygen circulation is slightly poor, the hands are cold, the user shivers or the blood oxygen drops to a very low level due to environmental interference, there will be no value or calculation error if the measurement is done with a 8 bit Pulse Oximeter.
5. If you want to see how healthy you are, to see if you are still a great athlete use a cheap Pulse Oximeter, if you want to know if your old man is healthy or to know why he does not look healthy, then use our FDA approved Pulse Oximeter by paying only a few dollars more not hundreds of dollars more like other FDA approved Pulse Oximeters.

When a major vital sign is compromised, our FDA approved Oximeter in line with our App Vital Eye Health send text messages to your loved ones' cell phones helping them to intervene if needed.