Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor with Continuous Monitoring of your blood pressure AUTOMATICALLY and HANDS FREE with our APP Vital Eye Health BP

Why to choose our FDA approved Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor with our Smart App: 

1. All in one design (device and self adjusting cuff as one piece with no metal strip to hold the cuff in place) makes it not only very easy to put on with one hand but its feather weight makes it a wearable device for continuous operation.

2. Together with the Patent Pending Vital Eye Health BP App, we take your blood pressure monitoring to a level no other device to our knowledge in the world does, by offering 

A. User scheduled time intervals to Auto Start while you are sleeping or doing your daily activities.

B. Notification to your loved ones' cell phone your abnormal systolic and diastolic values instantaneously.

C. Medicine reminder in audio

D. Email all or some of your measurements to your doctor